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Spagyric Medicine

What is Spagyric Medicine?

Spagyric medicine is an ancient natural system of healing and has been brought up to date using modern pharmaceutical methods of manufacture and safety standards.

Catharanthus roseus Derived entirely from plants, each individual spagyric essence is made from a particular plant, its healing power increased by Spagyric transformation. The word "Spagyric" comes from two Greek words meaning "to separate or purify" and "to reunite", alluding to the specific preparation process of a Spagyric essence. Given to a patient, such a remedy mobilises his/her self-healing forces.

Spagyric medicine is first attributed to Paracelsus, the great 16th century Swiss healer. Paracelsus was a healer, a physician and a professor of medicine. His teaching was widely discussed in most medical schools in Europe at the time and he is famed for his fight against orthodoxy as well as for his medical achievements. Paracelsus travelled widely to learn about other ways of healing. He brought medicine and alchemy together to create his own method. He strongly believed in the connection between humankind and nature and that plants were placed on Earth for our benefit. To Paracelsus is attributed the Doctrine of Signatures: the concept that the healing potential of a plant is shown in its very form, or "signature". Plants are natural remedies and their healing power can be increased by Spagyric transformation.

Spagyric Medicine, Chemistry and Alchemy

As a natural therapeutic system, Spagyric can offer a complete solution to both physical and psychological ailments. It treats the human being as a whole - body, soul and spirit - and in this respect, Spagyric has the same foundation as the oldest ways of healing mankind, namely Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicines. Heir to alchemy, Spagyric is based on the alchemical concept of transformation, forerunner of modern day chemistry. Chemistry is the science of matter; the composition of substances and their properties and reactions, whereas alchemy also encompassed the spiritual and temporal nature of reality as well as its structure, physical laws, and functions. Spagyric medicine uses chemical and pharmaceutical methods but includes the transformative concept of alchemy. Any sort of medicine cannot truly heal, rather than fix, without some element of transformation.

Spagyric medicine complements all other forms of medicine, whether orthodox (allopathic), alternative or complementary, or can stand alone as a complete healing system. Combinations of essences for specific complaints are well-tested, or can be personalised for a particular person following a consultation.