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PCOS: polycystic ovary syndrome

When PCOS has been diagnosed there will be an underlying hormone imbalance.  In its more severe form, PCOS causes a tendency to be overweight, to have no or very few periods, to be prone to acne, grow unusually heavy body hair, often on the face, breasts and inside of the legs, and to be susceptible to mood swings.  With this can come problems with fertility and often recurrent miscarriages.  Women with PCOS are also more likely to develop diabetes because of problems with blood sugar balance.  PCOS is more likely to occur in overweight women.

This complex problem can be helped naturally by improving the diet and making up deficiencies with nutritional supplements, balancing blood sugar levels, and ensuring that the liver can excrete excess hormones efficiently by working on liver function.  It can also be helped considerably by using a specific natural spagyric combination.  Altogether results can often be very good within about three months.