Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

Menstrual and menopause problems

Menstrual problems such as PMT, pain and heavy loss respond very well to nutritional therapy. PMT is usually due to the extra nutritional demands premenstrually not being met, and also erratic blood sugar levels. Pain, due to cramping of the uterus, usually improves when mineral levels are addressed. Heavy periods can often be improved by attending to the health of blood vessels as well as ensuring that bowels and liver are in healthier condition.

Menopause problems are usually treated by raising the whole level of health of the individual, which may have deteriorated over the years, and specific problems such as hot flushes, depression, low energy, night sweats and palpitations tend to improve quite quickly without the use of HRT. Natural products can often take the place of HRT without its adverse effects. Bone health can be addressed successfully.