Nutritional Therapy & Natural Medicine

Nutritional Therapy in Winchester, Basingstoke and Southampton

If you’re having trouble with digestive problems, menopausal symptoms, low energy or other health related problems – taking better care of your nutrition could be the solution to a happier and healthier life. As a professional nutritional therapist, Isabella Perry can help to put right the causes of your problems not just the symptoms.

Nutritional therapy combines the sciences of biochemistry and nutrition with naturopathy (natural, drug-free medicine) in order to return the patient to a state of good health. Unlike nutritionists, nutritional therapists are trained and qualified to work in clinical practice and provide one-to-one health advice.

What can be helped?

After completing a preliminary questionnaire the patient has a detailed consultation lasting about 1.5 hours to discuss their problems and history. Within a few days a treatment will be proposed and explained. Follow-ups to discuss progress are monthly and two or three are usually needed. At all times people are helped to understand and work with their treatment.

This specialist kind of nutritional therapy is wholistic and is specifically designed to treat the body as a whole – putting right the causes of problems, not just in the symptoms as is too often the case in conventional medicine.

Scientists as well as mystics agree that there is an energetic aspect to life and disturbances in these fields lead to illness and nutritional weakness whilst flower essences and homeopathy assist recovery. Spagyric essences are unique in combining homeopathy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy and mineral therapy.

Based in Winchester, Isabella also practices in Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire. And she also offers phone and Skype consultations with customers throughout the UK. Isabella is different from a nutritionist because she is able to provide 1 to 1 health advice in a clinical environment. She has worked as a nutritional therapist in the Southampton area for over 16 years and during this time has achieved some very rewarding results.

If you have any questions regarding a specific treatment or would like to learn more about how nutritional therapy could benefit you, please don’t hesitate to contact Isabella. She will always be happy to assist you via phone or email.