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Bowel problems

Bowel problems can result in many different symptoms and can range from mild constipation or excessive wind to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic inflammatory conditions, causing much misery, embarrassment and loss of quality of life.

Causes can be complex - faulty nutrition, food intolerance, reaction to antibiotics and steroid drugs, yeast overgrowth (Candida), or poor composition of bowel flora. Did you know that the average bowel contains about 3 lb of bacteria, which can be beneficial or decidedly detrimental to health? Nutritional therapy aims to identify and treat the causes of bowel problems, and yes, the symptoms of IBS will improve and often disappear even if they have been a problem for many years.

A frequent relationship with IBS I've noted in my practice –recurrent tonsillitis!
When taking case histories it is very important to look at the whole life, even though you might think that events twenty-thirty-forty years ago are unlikely to have a bearing on present condition.

I have found that people who have had repeated attacks of tonsillitis as a young child often develop IBS in their teens, twenties, thirties or even later. Why?

In my opinion the connection between tonsillitis and IBS is in the repeated courses of antibiotics, which can have a damaging effect on the bowel eco-system and which may take years or often decades to show up in symptoms of a dysfunctional bowel - IBS. There may have been a later trigger such as prolonged stress or the demands of pregnancy.

This observation is in no way suggesting that antibiotics are not the right prescription for tonsillitis, but post-antibiotic care of the bowel is rarely considered.