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Anxiety, stress and depression

Anxiety, stress and depression can be caused by life events such as bereavement, relationship difficulties or problems at work or in school. In other cases they may occur and seem out of proportion to circumstances, and these probably have more of a physical basis.

Mind and body are related, as shown by fast heartbeat after a shock, or bowel upsets, nervous stomach, stress headaches etc. However, the reverse is also true. If the body is out of balance, then mental symptoms can arise, ranging from general grumpiness through anxiety and depression to sudden rages and more severe mental problems.

The importance of nutrition in helping to ensure a healthy mind as well as a healthy body cannot be overstated. However, mental and emotional problems are often very deep-seated and a sensitive and intuitive approach can address these with the use of flower remedies, making profound and lasting changes. These have to be experienced to be believed. A very useful remedy, "Insomnia and Stress" helps ensure restful sleep.